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Return to Raspberry Pi

A couple years ago I bought a Raspberry Pi – the B+ Model. Unlike Arduino, which I made a number of hobby projects with, I only really used the Pi as a normal Linux computer. Its specs are fairly modest with ½ GB of RAM and an ARMv6 processor – and this ARMv6 CPU really limited which Linux distros could be installed on the microSD card that functioned as storage for the system.

I ended up installing Pidora, a flavor of Fedora Linux using the Xfce desktop that runs on ARMv6 processors (Xfce is actually my favorite desktop, regardless of the system – followed by Gnome, then followed by Unity on Gnome).

After running some console commands and browsing some of the software that was installed, I ended up just playing a game of chess, which I lost… and then I disconnected the Raspberry Pi, perhaps for another good while.

Windows 10 & Old Games

I’m a fan of a number of old computer games that were released for older versions of Windows. Not too long ago I upgraded all three of my PCs to Windows 10: one from Windows 7 and two from Windows 8.1. Overall I like the new OS, with a few exceptions; most notably compatibility with some of my favorite old games.

On Windows 7 I had a game that no longer works (Street Fighter IV). That didn’t work on Windows 8 and it doesn’t work on Windows 10 – at least I have a copy for Xbox 360. But on upgrading to Windows 10 one of my favorite older games stopped working on all three of my PCs – the game was “MechWarrior 4: Vengeance” from the year 2000. And quite possibly my favorite PC game, “Total Annihilation: Kingdoms” from 1999, worked on only two of the three upgraded PCs.

Overall I like Windows 10 – but if you play older PC games, proceed with caution!